[WiFi Security WP3] Wi-Fi Alliance launches WPA3 protocol with new security features in 2018

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Hello guys , In this post today i am going to tell you  about “WiFi Security WPA3”  Friends, we all take up the work of WiFi, there are many smart devices like your laptop, phone, tablet, computer, and so on. Where we work on WiFi . The WiFi security here is that it becomes very big consent. Now the latest WiFi security work is taking wpa2. Since then there should not be any improvement or any change in it. 

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 As you all know that we all use WPA2 security of wifi that came in 2004.
WPA2 was introduce in September 2004
1 Based on the final IEEE 802.11i standard
2 Two modes

  • WPA2 Personal- individuals and SOHOs
  • WPA2 Enterprise- larger enterprises

WPA2 also addresses both encryption and authentication

  • Uses AES for data encryption
  •  Supports IEEE 802.1x for authentication or can also use PSK technology

This WiFi device that is hacking for Vulnerable. Where a hacker  hacks WiFi . Where there were different ways and there were different loopholes, so that his security could be compromised. In such a situation, friends who have the biggest problem come out, when you go in a cafe, and you get there, it is very easy to use an open WiFi network. If there is a hacker sitting there, then he can track your data.
Hacker used many methods to crack the WiFi password. Such as the Bruteforce Attack, Dictionary Attack etc.


According to Mathy Vanhoef, a network security and applied cryptography post-doctoral candidate and one of the researchers behind the WPA2 KRACK vulnerability which took advantage of the WPA2 uses a four-way handshake that ensures the same password is being used by both clients and access points when they join a Wi-Fi network. WPA3 standard will use a new handshake, which won’t be vulnerable to dictionary attacks. Further, WPA3 will also feature a 192-bit security suite aligned with the Commercial National Security Algorithm (CNSA) Suite that will protect government, defense, and industrial networks that have higher security requirements. The new security features will be available later in 2018.

The Wi-Fi Alliance, an industry body made up of device makers including Apple, Microsoft, and Qualcomm, announced Monday its next-generation wireless network security standard, WPA3. The standard will replace WPA2, a near-two decades old security protocol that's built in to protect almost every wireless device today including phones, laptops, and the Internet of Things.

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If you’re buying a new router or other network equipment later this year, you’ll want to look out for WPA3 certification. Android Police notes that your existing hardware may not receive WPA3 firmware updates because of the certification requirement, but that will largely depend on whether manufacturers care to take the effort to secure the devices they’ve already sold.

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[Virus Inside] Meltdown And Spectre Big CPU Security Flaws

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Now let's go to today's article which is related by the virus called Meltdown and Spectre. Friends, almost every system is infected with both of these viruses. So friends read carefully that if such an attack is on your system then you can keep yourself safe from this attack.

Friends These viruses are currently infecting most systems and there is no system escape from these viruses, because the method of attacking them is very different, so all the systems are easily hacked.
The most important is that many people who know about these viruses are being infected and their systems are also being hacked and those who do not know their systems are also being hacked. There are some systems that are left of these viruses, or it has the cability to hack almost all the systems.


What is Meltdown and Spectre?

At present, 2 new bugs have come up. Whose name is Meltdown and Spectre. The most important thing is that these flaws are found in the CPU chip in the computer's brain.
These bugs are all devices that use intel, amd or arm processors. These processors are mostly used in systems. Now whether it be your desktop, laptop, mobile, IOT or RPI devices.
Friends, now you may have understood which devices might be infected with these bugs. With these exploits hackers hack your password, email etc from your system.

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How to work Security flaws ?

Intel processor devices are in danger of bugs like Metdown and Spectre due to weak security. Windows, Linux, Mac and IOS all devices are infected with Meltdown and Specter bugs. I mean these bugs can hack all these devices Meltdown and Specter exploit on the processor, and as you know, the processor processes all your data. And all the information goes through the CPU, and when these bugs only infects your CPU, then they all hack your personal information. The processor also accesses the CPU's memory.

Security agencies say that in the last 10 years, those devices are made up of 60% of these devices are in danger of bugs. All these devices have to be updated and due to these bugs, the speed of the Intel processor device can also be up to 30%. In addition to Intel, amd and arm processors are also in its grip, which means that it comes into the circulation of its infections.

However, when most companies find this kind of problem, they do not mention it, because if these drawbacks come out, the hackers can make the most of them, but Intel has mistaken about this Even before the arrival of Solution, it was known about the defect and the news came out that this is the reason that Intel's shares have also fallen in the same sense.

How to Avoid Meltdown and Spectre?

Friends now talk about how you can avoid them, however Intel has not taken any of its salutions, but Temperori Solutions is that you have to keep your system and software updated. While Windows has released its security patches, Apple will release its security patches soon.

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How to bypass windows login password easily?(All version include)

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Hello friends once again welcome here in this advance hacking blog.Now today we will learn about “How to bypass windows login password “ Friends, it is common to use computers in today's time. This is a great thing when someone acquires a lot of knowledge about computers and laptops.
Example for  Guys, Windows  is installed on your computer. And you have kept the password in it and after some time you forgot its password. so what will you do now ? Friends, this situation can be with anyone. So in this way you should know how to crack the computer's password. Because if you take the locked computer to any engineer. So he takes 500 rupees for the 3 minute work. The best part is that these methods work on all Windows versions. So friends keep reading this post till the last. And you will very easily bypass the windows login password.

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How does this method work?

Friends, the login password of Windows is stored in a file named SAM(Security Account Manager), which we can not see and can not break. Here's the name of the tool that is going to work with CHNTPW  (also known as Offline NT Password & Registry Editor)

Chntpw is a small Windows password removal utility that can run from a CD or USB drive.
This tool easily deletes the file named SAM, which bypasses the login password of Windows.
Note- Friends Use this trick to have any Windows CD or Bootable  pendrive is a must.

Part1: How to set up pendrive for bypass password?

  chntpw file is a zip file, extract it, Now you will find the iso file.  First of all you have to install the ISO 2 Disc tool, and now open it.

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1- Select the iso file of chntpw in the Browse option.
2- Select your pendrive in Burn to USB flash drive option.
3- Select MBR in partition style option.
4- Select N/A in boot disk type option.
5- Now click on Start Burn, you will get a popup sms click on yes in it.

Now the burning process will start. wait the burning process is completed. Now  click OK, and remove the pendrive.

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Note: This post is only for educational purpose.I did't harm anyone, I used my own device during explain of this method so please don't use this method any kind of illegal or malicious activities because hacking is crime if you do this then it's can land you in jail.I'm not support any kind of illegal or malicious hacking.

Part2: How to bypass windows login password step by step follow me

You must restart your PC or laptop, bypassing the password.

Step1;  Now you open the boot option of your PC or laptop. And select your bootable pendrive. Now you wait,  A window will open in front of you, you can see the screenshot below.

Bypass Windows login password@myteachworld.com

Step2;  Now you will be seeing sda1 in the harddisk, this is the password store. Type 1 to enter the file named SAM.

Bypass Windows login password@myteachworld.com

Step3;  Now you will be able to see password reset option, type  1 and hit the enter button  to go to it.

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Step4; Type 1 again and hit the enter button go to the Edit user data and password.

Bypass Windows login password@myteachworld.com

Step5;  Now you can see the list of users in your PC or laptop. You will see the code in the left side of the user's , Write down the code of any user whose password is to be deleted and press enter.

Bypass Windows login password@myteachworld.com

Step6;  Now you will be see in the option to select the clear password on it, type 1 and press enter button.

Bypass Windows login password@myteachworld.com

Step7;  Your password has been removed easily Now you can type q and press enter. And again he will ask this to save all the process, then type y and press enter.
Now you have to restart your PC or laptop, your password has been successfully deleted.

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[Mr Robot Hack] What is USB Rubber Ducky Explained?

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Hello friends how are you ? hope you are doing good. I am present today with a new post in front of you which is a very important part of ethical hacking. In this post i am going to tell you fully explained on  “USB Rubber Ducky” or “Mr Robot ”  If you keep a little bit of knowledge in hacking, then read this post to the last.

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What is USB Rubber Ducky?

USB Rubber Ducky or Mr Robot is a kind of hacking best weapon, which can also be used by a normal person, which is very rare in this field. USB Rubber Ducky is like a simple pendrive, but it is a kind of HID device that allows you to inject any keystroke in any system. 

With the help of USB Rubber Ducky, you can easily hack any system and steal the victim important data.  And the most important thing is that it does not even detect any antivirus. Friends, you can also inject any payload with the help of USB Rubber Ducky.


This is such a HID device, which prevents Victim to be impossible. Because it does not detect any firewall and antivirus because it acts like a HID device. HID means Human Interface Device.HID means those devices that take input from the human, like mouse, laptop and keyboard etc.

USB Rubber Ducky@myteachworld.com

When we connect Rubber Ducky to any system, it reacts in the system as a keyboard, in which free define keystrokes are stoked.

Now when we plug it into the computer, the computer thinks that a keyboard has been added to it. And as soon as you connect the USB Rubber Ducky to the computer, keystrokes are also run. Because of this, neither computer can understand that it is being hacked and neither can it detect firewall and antivirus being used. In this way, USB Rubber Ducky makes its work smoothly, and nobody knows anything.

USB Rubber Ducky is a kind of key injection tool, which works even faster than the Something 1000 Word / minute speed. We can use it both in milecius and nonmilecius keystroke. The tool is most popular among hackers, penetrating testers and professionals.

Now Friends, I want to tell you how many people use it. Suppose a person has an employee in a company and if the person wants to steal the system data from any other employee, then he will be setup and ready in the USB Rubber Ducky, and as soon as he goes somewhere for an Employee, that using USB Rubber Ducky, the data of that Employee can be stolen.

Note : Friends, if you want to buy this device, then you will find this device at hackshop.com

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