[Android P] What is Android P | Everything You Need to Know About Google Android P

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Hello guys , In this post I'm going to teach you full detailed guide on "Android P" Do you know about Google's new mobile operating system Android P? After all what is this Android P? What new features have Google added to Google? Can you install this OS in your new Android phone? If you have all these questions in your mind then do not be scared, because I am going to give you complete information related to Android P to the people, so that you will not need to go anywhere else.
Google has recently given a lot of golden guns to all Android lovers in this new year; Friends, this is nothing but their new mobile operating system, which they called the Android P. Although P has not been nominated yet, there is great curiosity among people about its new features. And I think it will be in you too. 
Google has already released the preview of its new Android P, but it has been heard that it has been designed only by keeping developers in mind but it has all the new features that are available to you in the forthcoming Operating System Are the viewers. But here is the point of note that you can use it in a few more android phones. So today I thought why do you guys have this new Mobile Operating System Android P? I am hopeful that you would like to give me full information about this, then without delay, let's start and know better about Android P.


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What is Android P?

Recently, when Google released the preview of Android P, the worldwide Android fans were curious about the features of this new Operation System. If we talk about Android P, then this is Google's new mobile operating system. Like other operating systems, Android can install new operating systems in their Android phones. In this, Google has incorporated many new features that will help users to use Andorid phones in a better way.

At the moment Google has only released the preview version which has been done keeping in mind only the developers. Therefore, it may be a little difficult to use common users. But it has all the features that we will be seeing in the upcoming Android P operating system. So far, the name of Android P has not been nominated.

What are the new features of Android P?

Google has made many new features available in its new mobile operating system, Android P, which users can use in the coming time. So let's know again what are the new features of Android P?

  • Revamped design:  Google has not explicitly told this thing, but the preview images are giving the impression that Google has made a lot of changes in designing its new operating system. Where some major changes such as showing the time in the left side of the screen, being more symmetrical of notches and the settings menu being more colorful. With all these changes, Android P will look bubbly in even more whole. There may be some more changes to this.
  • Indoor Positioning :  Google has given importance to indoor positioning in its new update. Now, just like Google Maps, you can also know the turn-by-turn direction within the home or mall very well. For this, Android P has taken the help of WiFi Round-Trip-Time (RTT). With the help of 802.11mc of RTT apps, apps can know how far they are from the WiFi access point. All these information will be provided to developers, so that you can get more precise location in the indoors. This feature was not available in previous android phones but you can also take advantage of these features in the future.
  • Privacy Extremely Enhanced:  A lot of security and privacy settings have been brought into Android P. What is the biggest security feature is that now the new restriction system is included, when an app becomes idle for sensors, cameras, and microphones, then All these systems stop reporting automatically when the app becomes idle, and another app that requires all these information does not get anything from these sources. Google has recommended that they will no longer provide background access to any language since these features will not work anymore.  Google has enabled encryption for backups, they will also be provided a client-side secret and per-network randomization of MAC addresses, but these features will be applied in the full version of Android P. With this, now a better fingerprint access system will be included in individual apps.
  • Notifications  improvement:  Google has also made significant changes in its Notification settings so that the user can easily make use of it. In the new update, image attachments and stickers are given place in the notification, where only the first name of the person sent only was visible. With this new update, now at-a-glance messaging has improved greatly. With this, they give the option to developer so that they can add features such as quick replies like you have seen in Google Allo and Google Reply app. It is still unclear how much control developers will get in these answers. It's been heard that Google can integrate the Smart Reply system into your notification feature.
  • Support of Dat Notch:  Now many manufacturers are shortening the bezels, from which front-facing sensors are leaving the noch on the display of your phone, so Android P is supporting such cutout in the display where the UI can be built with the help of API That is what can be done all around such a notch. This means that now these full-screen apps where the buttons will be placed in the side so it will actively avoid such notch areas display, which is very great for everyone. Therefore, a lot of notch styles have been added to the Android P simulator to help developers, with the help of which they can test it well without having to phone.
  • Multi-Camera Support:  Multi camera facilities are already available in many Android phones where the cameras are both front or back. But there are very few phones where you can use your cameras simultaneously. In this new update, Google is adding a new API, so developers can explore this facility more and use multiple cameras together. By doing so, they can use many effects such as depth-sensing magic, apple-style live portrait mode, overlay two images, etc. Which were not available in earlier standard phones. With this, Google is now going to add support for apps, so that the features of image stabilization and display-based flash can be found in the primary camera of your phone.
  • Privacy Extremely Enhanced:  A lot of security and privacy settings have been brought into Android P. What is the biggest security feature is that now the new restriction system is included, when an app becomes idle for sensors, cameras, and microphones, then All these systems stop reporting automatically when the app becomes idle, and another app that requires all these information does not get anything from these sources. Google has recommended that they will no longer provide background access to any language since these features will not work anymore. Google has enabled encryption for backups, they will also be provided a client-side secret and per-network randomization of MAC addresses, but these features will be applied in the full version of Android P. With this, now a better fingerprint access system will be included in individual apps.
  • Faster ART:  Now Android Runtime (ART) in this new operating system is too fast compared to its pre-OS. As new OSs come in their way, their ART is being improved in such a way that the apps get better and faster. With this Google says that it will use less memory and it will also have a faster startup time.
  • Having more media support:  Now Android P native will support HDR VP9 Profile 2 codec, from which they will deliver deliverable HDR video from YouTube, Play Movies, etc. With this, it supports High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF), which is a modern JPEG alternative, which is already being used in iOS. As we know that JPEG has been around for almost 20 years, this new image format will work better than that, where it can store double quantity information in the same size file. Which will be a better alternative as it does not change image quality.
  • Better backup encryption:  We know that Google automatically backs up our Android phone data in our servers, and if ever our data is wiped out then it can be restored again. But no lock facility was available before the user's side, but in this new update, users can now further protect it with the help of "client-side secret". With this new facility, users' data is even more securely encrypted Will remain.
  • Better power savings: It has been heard that Google Android P is going to make Doze, App Standby, and Background Limits more refine in this new update so that the battery life is getting better automatically.

When is Android 9.0 or Android P coming?

The review of Android P is currently being released, but Android 9.0 may be released by Google I / O event 2018, which is due in mid-May this year, between 16-18 May 2018. Many public betas will also be released in the same interval and we can see final consumer release only in August 2018.

Android P: What's the name given to it?

According to the report, it can be named P with Pistachio Ice Cream. There are so many names like Parfait, Pecan Pie or Popsicle, Pancake, Panna Cotta, Pavlova, Peanut Brittle, Peanut Butter, Peda, Peppermint, Pie, Pineapple, Pumpkin Pie, Popover, Pop-Tart, Praline, Pandoro or Poached Pear etc. The truth is that it is not known to anyone till now what is the name given to it, but it is confirmed that it will be a sweet thing.

Android P: Can You Download It?

According to Google, the first developer preview can only be installed in Pixel phones. This means that they will not support anymore in Nexus 5X and 6P, or in Pixel C Tablet. It is now worth seeing how long it will be available in our markets.

[Jio Coin CryptoCurrency] What is Jio Coin ? How to Buy Jio Coin ICO in India | Reliance Jio CryptoCurrency Launching Soon | 2018 Updates

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Hello guys , In this post I'm going to teach you full detailed guide on "Jio Coin" Do you know what is Jio Coin? Why are Jio Coin now so headlined? So far, you must have known what is Cryptocurrency? And how we can earn money from it. In the times of now, Virtual Currency is emerging on the basis of the option of traditional currency. So many companies have started adopting cryptocurrency blockchain technology now. Just like Jio Coin also has a cryptocurrency. Since then, our sincere Prime Minister "Narendra Modi" has encouraged Digital Currency to make more use in our country, since then there is a lot of enthusiasm for the people.

India's own Telecom Operator Comapny Reliance Jio has also thought it best to make its move in Cryptocurrency, so they have also thought of launching one of their Cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency has been named Jio Coin, which will help a lot to make digital payments easier for all people. Last year we saw that Jio Company has seen so many products like Jio phone, JioFi and now they have started thinking of introducing a new cryptocurrency, which will make transactions of their serices much easier. This Cryptocurrency will be based on Blockchain technology.
                      If we talk about India. Then after the Laxmi coin and Indicoin, Jio Coin is going to be the third cryptocurrency. So if you have to get all the information about what happens to Jio Coin, then you will have to read our full post and by the end you will get complete information about Jio Coin. Then without delay, let's start and know what is this Jio Coin?


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What is Jio Coin?

Jio Coin is a new CryptCurrency similar to the other Cryptocurrency. To start this currency, Ambani Ji's son Akash Ambani has taken a new initiative. Because they believe in the future, that is because cryptocurrency is probably going to play a major role in the future. It is also reasonable to believe that, because we have seen how people have shown their trust above. Therefore, he has created a team of 50 members to implement this work, which has considerable experience in relation to Blockchain, and continuously engaged in making this currency a Successful Cryptocurrency.

In the future Jio has thought of launching a lot of products, and wants people to use their new Cryptocurrency (Jio Coin) to buy those products. They have thought of promoting this coin with many new offers ahead. It has been heard now that South Korea and China have banned these coin trading in their country, so Reliance Jio has already considered taking permission from the government, which he is going to do before his launch.

Bitcoin Vs Jiocoin

At today's date, Bitcoin is valid in more than 100 countries and from big businessman to small businessman, digital marketer has invested millions of dollars in all Bitcoin. If you are currently searching on internet, 1 Bitcoin is equal to how many US Dollars.
So its result will come to Google 1 Bitcoin is equal to 13642 US Dollar, which will be around 866887 rupees according to Indian Currency.


At present, Jiocoin has not just launched and has come to market. So, according to this, it is not valid in any country and there is no value to it. Until Jiocoin Launch is done, bitcoin and only so much similarity in it. These are both Cypto-Coin Digital Currencies whose online purchases and can be sold. In all the other cases, Bitcoin is much more ahead than Jiocoin.

Additional information about Jio Coin?

Akash Ambani has been made Leader of this new project. Experts believe that this is a very good time to launch new Cryptocurrency, because Ripple has recently released the second position in the Cryptocurrency ranking list. As we know that Ripple is a very low-cost Cryptocurrency, it has gained popularity in a very short time. In the same way, we can expect the same profit from Jio Coin as well.
The main reason behind Rippel's success is that he has promoted this coin to promote Asian countries where India is the largest investor. In the same way the Indian people have shown their faith over Reliance Life It seems that Jio Coin will prove to be a very good investment in the future. Most people in India do not have any knowledge about these virtual money, so this is a good idea about the cryptocurrency about how it works.

Jio Coin's Launch Date

There is no official date announcement for the launch of this currency yet, but a very famous News portal Livemint has confirmed this new CryptCurrency news. If any update comes about it then you can get this information in Jio's official website Jio.com. According to the sources, Blockchain has been selected according to the official Jio Coin's platform.

What is the price of Jio Coin?

It has been heard that the price or price of each coin has been fixed at about Rs. 64 / - which is similar to 1 USD. It is being reported by the experts that Jio's share market value is going to increase after the cryptocurrency's launch of this Jio Coin.

How to buy Jio Coin?

Since Jio Coin has not been officially according to cryptocurrency, therefore, there is currently no way to buy Jio Coin. But there are many such Fake Websites on the Internet which gurantee to manage Jio Coin, but do not trust them at any time. Let me just go and buy Jio's official website "Jio.com", but for that we have to wait for it to be officially announced by Jio.

What can benefit from Jio Coin?

Legal tender pressure: RBI has three times and the Central Government has twice said that bitcoin is not legal tender in India. So do not invest in bitcoin. Yet many people are investing in Bitcoin. If whatever comes into this field, then pressure on the government can be constrained.

Foreign investment: Foreign money can be brought to the country from JioCoin. Just depends on how Jio's blockchain technology will be? If this happens then many foreign investors' big money can be brought to India , Which would be beneficial for the country.

The future of Jio Coin?

Even now people do not know about Cryptocurrencies in the right way, they are still afraid to buy and use it. So, if Jio Coin launches in the market then people will get more confidence in it and people will also be able to use it properly. So, according to me, the future of CryptoCurrencies like Jio Coin and its like is very bright. It can only tell the time to come that Jio Coin is going to touch the bulk of the future and if this is successful in doing this, then it can bring the next digital revolution in India. We will pray that this is becoming a successful cryptocurrency of India, becoming more popular all over the world, and illuminating the name of our country.
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[WiFi Security WP3] Wi-Fi Alliance launches WPA3 protocol with new security features in 2018

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Hello guys , In this post today i am going to tell you  about “WiFi Security WPA3”  Friends, we all take up the work of WiFi, there are many smart devices like your laptop, phone, tablet, computer, and so on. Where we work on WiFi . The WiFi security here is that it becomes very big consent. Now the latest WiFi security work is taking wpa2. Since then there should not be any improvement or any change in it. 

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 As you all know that we all use WPA2 security of wifi that came in 2004.
WPA2 was introduce in September 2004
1 Based on the final IEEE 802.11i standard
2 Two modes

  • WPA2 Personal- individuals and SOHOs
  • WPA2 Enterprise- larger enterprises

WPA2 also addresses both encryption and authentication

  • Uses AES for data encryption
  •  Supports IEEE 802.1x for authentication or can also use PSK technology

This WiFi device that is hacking for Vulnerable. Where a hacker  hacks WiFi . Where there were different ways and there were different loopholes, so that his security could be compromised. In such a situation, friends who have the biggest problem come out, when you go in a cafe, and you get there, it is very easy to use an open WiFi network. If there is a hacker sitting there, then he can track your data.
Hacker used many methods to crack the WiFi password. Such as the Bruteforce Attack, Dictionary Attack etc.


According to Mathy Vanhoef, a network security and applied cryptography post-doctoral candidate and one of the researchers behind the WPA2 KRACK vulnerability which took advantage of the WPA2 uses a four-way handshake that ensures the same password is being used by both clients and access points when they join a Wi-Fi network. WPA3 standard will use a new handshake, which won’t be vulnerable to dictionary attacks. Further, WPA3 will also feature a 192-bit security suite aligned with the Commercial National Security Algorithm (CNSA) Suite that will protect government, defense, and industrial networks that have higher security requirements. The new security features will be available later in 2018.

The Wi-Fi Alliance, an industry body made up of device makers including Apple, Microsoft, and Qualcomm, announced Monday its next-generation wireless network security standard, WPA3. The standard will replace WPA2, a near-two decades old security protocol that's built in to protect almost every wireless device today including phones, laptops, and the Internet of Things.

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If you’re buying a new router or other network equipment later this year, you’ll want to look out for WPA3 certification. Android Police notes that your existing hardware may not receive WPA3 firmware updates because of the certification requirement, but that will largely depend on whether manufacturers care to take the effort to secure the devices they’ve already sold.

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[Virus Inside] Meltdown And Spectre Big CPU Security Flaws

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Now let's go to today's article which is related by the virus called Meltdown and Spectre. Friends, almost every system is infected with both of these viruses. So friends read carefully that if such an attack is on your system then you can keep yourself safe from this attack.

Friends These viruses are currently infecting most systems and there is no system escape from these viruses, because the method of attacking them is very different, so all the systems are easily hacked.
The most important is that many people who know about these viruses are being infected and their systems are also being hacked and those who do not know their systems are also being hacked. There are some systems that are left of these viruses, or it has the cability to hack almost all the systems.


What is Meltdown and Spectre?

At present, 2 new bugs have come up. Whose name is Meltdown and Spectre. The most important thing is that these flaws are found in the CPU chip in the computer's brain.
These bugs are all devices that use intel, amd or arm processors. These processors are mostly used in systems. Now whether it be your desktop, laptop, mobile, IOT or RPI devices.
Friends, now you may have understood which devices might be infected with these bugs. With these exploits hackers hack your password, email etc from your system.

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How to work Security flaws ?

Intel processor devices are in danger of bugs like Metdown and Spectre due to weak security. Windows, Linux, Mac and IOS all devices are infected with Meltdown and Specter bugs. I mean these bugs can hack all these devices Meltdown and Specter exploit on the processor, and as you know, the processor processes all your data. And all the information goes through the CPU, and when these bugs only infects your CPU, then they all hack your personal information. The processor also accesses the CPU's memory.

Security agencies say that in the last 10 years, those devices are made up of 60% of these devices are in danger of bugs. All these devices have to be updated and due to these bugs, the speed of the Intel processor device can also be up to 30%. In addition to Intel, amd and arm processors are also in its grip, which means that it comes into the circulation of its infections.

However, when most companies find this kind of problem, they do not mention it, because if these drawbacks come out, the hackers can make the most of them, but Intel has mistaken about this Even before the arrival of Solution, it was known about the defect and the news came out that this is the reason that Intel's shares have also fallen in the same sense.

How to Avoid Meltdown and Spectre?

Friends now talk about how you can avoid them, however Intel has not taken any of its salutions, but Temperori Solutions is that you have to keep your system and software updated. While Windows has released its security patches, Apple will release its security patches soon.

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