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Hello guys , In this post I'm going to teach you full detailed guide on GDPR?  Do you know that? Why is it so important for all Internet users to know about GDPR
Must read it For years, internet has changed our communication methods to a great extent. It has also changed the tasks of our daily lives to a great extent. In the present time we send emails to communicate, share documents, pay our bills and buy our own needs online without thinking again. In doing so, we have to share our personal details with our companies.

Have you ever thought of how much you share your personal data online? Or what happens to those shared data or information? Yes, in your friends, your banking information, contacts, addresses, social media posts, even your IP address, from which sites you visit, these information is digitally stored, whether you wish or not. By doing so, the companies say that they collect all these information because they will help you to understand them so that they can serve you well. They get targeted and relevant information from them so that they can provide you with a better customer experience.
But is this data really used only for good customer experience? Recently just a moment ago, all of you have heard about the Facebook Cambridge Analytica Scandal, where millions of personal information were leak, many believe that last year US Elections used all these information.
Therefore, many countries have expressed concern about the protection of data. Because the security of their data is the first responsibility for any country. The future of that country depends on it. Sometimes a loss of billions of rupees has to be borne. Therefore, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has been updated again for its data protection and its term and conditions, policy has been significantly improved earlier. There are so many of us who do not have any information about this matter, so considering the seriousness of this matter, I thought today that why are you people GDPR? Provide complete information on the subject so that you can also raise voice for the protection of your data. So let's begin without delay.



What is GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation)?

General Data Protection Regulation this is a set of rules that some have been designed in such a way that it is not only the EU citizens but all the people who use the internet have more control over controlling their personal data. Its main objective is to simplify the business's regulatory environment so that both citizens and businesses have the best advantage in this digital economy.

These reforms have been designed in such a way that it can show us to our mythological world and implement our laws and obligations properly - which includes a lot of things such as personal data, privacy and consent etc. 

If we think fundamentally then almost all aspects of our life revolve around these data. Whether it is social media companies, banks, retailers, and governments - all services are collected first and then analyzed. Your name, address, credit card number and more are collected, analyse and after that they are stored by organizasations.
In May 25, 2018, under the new European privacy regulation, The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was brought into effect.
This regulation was implicated in all local privacy laws throughout the EU and EEA regions. It applies to all the companies that deal with people and store their personal information. These are not only restricted to European companies but it also applies to the rest of the continents. This gives more people more control over their personal data.

What are the rights of Individuals under GDPR?

  • The right to access : Here are the rights given to the people, with the help of which they can request to access their personal data and they can also ask how the company is using the data provided by them. When asked, the company has to provide that individual in a copy, free of charge electronic format of his personal data.
  • The right to be forgotten : If the consumer is not a customer of any company, then he can request the company not to use his personal information so that the company has to delete that data.
  • The right to data portability : It is right for Individuals to transfer their data from one service provider to another. And this should be in the commonly used way and in machine-readable format.
  • The right to be informed : If a company is collecting data of a person then that company will have to send this news to that person and only after his consent they can do this work.
  • The right to have information corrected : According to this right persons can update their data if it is out of date or incomplete or incorrect.
  • The right to restrict processing : Individuals can stop processing their data if they wish. His record will be in one place and will not be used.
  • The right to object : Considering this right a person can stop processing his data in direct marketing. If any processing is going on, then they will have to take action when the stop is requested.
  • The right to be notified : If for some reason the data is breach, then it is the liability of the company that they notify the persons within 72 Horse. It has the right to know that person.

What impact will GDPR have on bloggers?

As we know that if we want to know the information about the blog or website on the Internet, then we used WHOIS, which provided us with any blog or website information, because many hosting services providers such data Public, this is not the personal information of the owners and the private. But now with GDPR, any hosting company or wordpress will not even publicize any user's data. If he does, then he will have to pay a fine determined by his GDPR. The user will also get full control over his personal data. Companies must also follow the law of GDPR, except for many earlier laws which will make their work easier.

I sincerely hope that I gave you full information about GDPR and hope you guys have understood the effect of the GDPR. I am convinced of all the readers that you too share this information with your neighbors, relatives, your friends, so that we will be aware of our interactions and will all benefit from it. I need people's support from you so that I can bring you even more new information.

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[Honeypot] What Is Honeypot | How To Setup Honeypot In Kali Linux 2018?

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Hello friends once again welcome here in this advance hacking blog. Now today i am going to talk about "Honeypot" If you belong to ethical hacking, cybersecurity, then read this article to the last.


What is Honeypot?

A honeypot is a computer system that is set up to act as a decoy to lure cyber attackers and to detect, deflect or study attempts to gain unauthorized access to information systems.
Generally, ahoneypot consists of data ( like as a network site) that appears to be a legitimate part of the site , but is actually isolated and monitored and that seems to contain information or a resource of value to attackers, who are then blocked.
This is similar to the police baiting a criminal, conducting undercover surveillance and finally punishing the criminal.
A honeypot is a security resources who’s value lies in being probed, attacked or compromised.


Honeypots are weapons against spammers, honeypot detections systems are spammer-employed counter-weapons. As detection systems would likely use unique characteristics of specific honeypots to identify them. A suspected employee of a company can be identified by Honey Pot, his activities can be tracked.

Honey Pots can be setup inside , outside or in the DMZ of a firewall design or even in all of the locations although they are most often deployed inside of a firewall for control purposes. In a sense , they are variants of standard IDS(intruder detection system) but with more of a focus on information gathering and deception.

Type of honeypots:

Honeypots can be classified based on their deployment(use/action) and based on their level of involvement. Based on deployment, honeypots may be classified as:
  • Production Honeypots
  • Research Honeypots
Production Honeypots: Production honeypots are easy to use , capture only limited informations and are used primarily by corporations. Production honeypots are placed inside the production network with other production servers by an organization to improve their overall state of security. Normally , production honeypots are low interaction honeypots, which are easier to deploy. They give less information about the attacks or attackers than research honeypots.

Research Honeypots: Research Honeypots are run to gather information about the motives and tactics of the black hat community targeting different networks. These honeypots do not add direct value to a specific organization; instead, they are used to research the threats that organizations face and to learn how to better protect against those threats. Research honeypots are complex to deploy and maintain, capture extensive information, and are used primarily by research, military or government organizations.

Based on design criteria, honeypots can be classified as:

1. Pure Honeypots
2. High-interaction honeypots
3. Low-interaction honeypots

How To Set Up Honeypot On Kali Linux Step by Step follow me?

To set up HoneyPots, a tool will need a tool called pentbox in kaliLinux

Step1; First you have to download the paintbox tool whose link is given below.
git clone https://github.com/whitehatpanda/pentbox-1.8
Step2; Now after downloading the tool simply execute this command cd pentbox-1.8 and hit enter button.


Step3;  Now give this command ls for going to the pentbox folder.


Step4;  Now you well see a ruby script called pentbox.rb and you need to execute this script by entering this given below command and press enter button.


Step5;  Now you will show options in terminal window , you need to choose option no. 2 which is network tools. So type the no. 2 and press enter button. 


Step6; Now After that again some option you'll see simply choose option no. 3 which is honeypot.So type no. 3 in terminal and press enter button.


Step7; Now Here you'll need to choose a option two options Auto configuration and second one is manual configuration. So Choose any one of them according to your need but here i m choosing auto configuration mode.

Step8; So for auto configuration enter 1 and you'll see that the honeypot will start on port no. 80 or anything which can active for monitor your system.

Step9; Now for checking that honeypot set up working or not simply copy your ip address by executing given below command and enter that ip in any of your web browser and press enter.

So after entering the ip address go towards the terminal windows and here now you'll see the full detail of the hacker.

If you want to know the actual ip of the victim or the hacker so you just need to make your ip static and send it to anyone if someone click on that link all his information automatically copied in your system in log format.If you can make your ip static then trace anyone all over the worlds with this simple honeypot method.

So guys this is the basic set up of any honeypot solution. If you liked this post, please do not forget to share it, without your support, I can not reach this knowledge even further, so help me by sharing my post so that I can bring you a tricks more than one To share the post ,you can use the share buttons given below, and , If you face some problem in any steps please drop your email by going to contact us section of this site. thank you so much ,stay tune with this blog and blog's admin Mr. Aditya Singh

[Google Assistant] What is Google Assistant | Everything You Need to Know About Google Assistant ?

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Friends, everyone will be using Android mobile phones, and you also know that Google's app is present in every Android mobile phone.
So what does this Google app do in our phone? Have you tried to find out? Well you may also know about the Play Store, but what does the Google app and "Google Assistant" do? What else can we do in our phone and how do we use it?

Google Assistant@myteachworld.com

What is Artificial Assistant?

Friends Assistant directly means that your "assisting" or auxiliary. Mobile also helps you, connects you, sings songs, looks at the video and does a lot of things. But these assistants work a bit differently inside the mobile. However, these are also designed for your help but they are your smart helper. These smart assistants do a lot of work just by speaking.
If you want to take selfies from your mobile then you can say "hey google, lets take selfie", so speaking, the front camera will open immediately in your phone and you will be able to take your selfies.


How many artificial assistants do we have?

Friends, a lot of searches are done every day in this world of technology, although many assistants are available. Most of them are the most popular, Apple's Siri, Google's Google Assistant "Google Assistant", Amazon's Alexa "Alexa", Microsoft's Courtana "Cortana", besides there are many more assistants such as Microsoft, Samsung The Bixby, Panasonic's Arbo Assistant "Arbo AI" and many third party and mobile anesthetists with paid artificial intelligence “AI” are available.

What is Google Assistant ?

Google Assistant has been developed by Google company. This Assistant is available for all android mobile and its Improved version, which is called Google Assistant. Google Assistant works only on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above. Most of the Google Assistant is preferred by Google because Google has a very large database of its search engine and Google gives its users the benefit of this. On Google you can answer any question, 85 percent out of 100 will get the exact answer. Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana also give accurate answers to 55 percent of 100. And Google has a special thing that you can use it very easily even while using Google Maps. To activate Google Assistant first, okay google “OK Google” used to say, now you're hey! Google can even activate it by speaking “Hey! Google”

Google Assistant will now also give you answers to your questions in Hindi

This is a great news for Android phone users. The Google Assistant that helps you with your smartphone will now assist you in English as well as in Hindi. Yes, Google Assistant will now understand your point in Hindi and will work accordingly. But this feature is only for those Indian users who have kept English as their language preference in their Android device. With this new feature, Google has surpassed Amazon's ‘Alexa’ and Apple's ‘serie’. Google Assistant is supporting Hindi port. However in the year 2016 Google Allo got Hindi support.
For the Hindi support of Google Assistant, you have to give the command to your command in Hindi. Along with this, you have to make the assistant active in English by saying Hey Google or OK Google. The Assistant will be working on the Hindi command and you will get the answer in Hindi too. You can also translate it in English. Let us know that Google Assistant in the phone will not work in Hindi till the primary language of your phone is Hindi.

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Twitter new amazing features in 2018 | How to use Twitter account in new features?

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Hello guys , In this post I'm going to teach you full detailed guide on  "Twitter New 2018 Amazing Features"  Today many people will be like people who use Twitter along with Facebook. Like Facebook in Friends Presents, Twitter has become a lot of users, and continuing to continue. So friends, I want to tell you that today's my article is on Twitter. Friends Facebook, along with Twitter, is growing daily on daily basis, Twitter was used by only more and only high people, but now it is very much trending and now it is also using General Person.

Friends we are going to tell you about some of the new features of 2018 related to Twitter. These articles are going to be very much like you. But if these features are small then small, but very few people know about them.

twitter new amazing feature@myteachworld.com

Friends, I want to tell you that there were about 33 million Monthly Active Users on the micro-blogging site Twitter's 2017 End, but its user's counting continuing is increasing. Recently, some of the features of Twitter have been introduced for 2018, which are Amazing and these features will change the experience of your tweets. Let's have friends then we know about them.


Direct Message

Direct messaging (DM) facility is provided for private messaging on Twitter. But the conversation here is only possible if you follow each other.

  • Open DM : In Open DM, you can select the option to receive messages sent by any user. If you do not follow that person, you can also select the message to receive the message. These feature journalists and business people choose. For this, you can change it by going to "setting> privacy and safety.
  • Group DM : Friends You can also group chat inside Twitter. This does not necessarily follow each other. Along with the group admin can add anyone. So Friends Now you can do group chatting on twitter too.
  • Tweet sharing : Shareing tweets in direct messages to Twitter is simple. You can also discuss a topic within the direct message.

Personal Analytics:

Friends, if you like to tweet, but do you know how many people saw your tweets and how many followers you got from to know this, Twitter has added a new feature. First go to your tweets and you will find the chart icon in Bottom Corner. Here you will find the details. If still and need the details, then you can go to "Analytics.twitter.com" and “on” the Analytics.

Birthday Balloon:

Friends If you want to see the Birthday balloon in your Twitter account, then you have to add your birthday to your Twitter account. For this, go to your profile, then click "Edit profile". Here below will be an option show for 'Add your'. There you will need to enter your birthday date.
Now when you put your birthday date. Now whenever you have a birthday date, Twitter also celebrates your birthday and on this particular occasion, there are balloons on your profile.

Mute Account Add Word:

If there are so many things on your timeline that you do not want to see or do not like it, then you can mute some special word or account too. For this, first go to the profile and go to "settings and privacy". Scroll down here and you will get the option to mute the account and word in the safety section. With the help of the account keyword here, you can hide such things on your account in a courranty.

Account Safety:

Friends, you guys will often hear that the account of this big actor has been hacked. Twitter has given login verification option to Twitter on account of the safety of the account. You can set up login verification for the account. Now when you login you will get a code on your mobile. Then through the code you will be able to open the account. For this here is to add mobile number.