5+ Best CMD command used in hacking 2019

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Hello guys, if you are interested in Ethical Hacking, and if you are a computer geek then today's post can be very helpful for you, today I will tell you 5+ Best CMD Hacking Command.
command prompt is a part of the computer's operating system, which we know as  CUI-Character User Interface.

cmd hacking, command prompt

CMD is a very usefull feature, and it is also used mostly in Hacking. So if you are interested in knowing 5+ best cmd hacking commands, today in this post we will know about 5+ best hacking commands,


 ping - A basic command to know the IP address of any website.

STEP1; First, open the cmd prompt.

STEP2;  type ping google.com.

STEP3;  Now you can know the IP address of any website from here.
You can see in the screenshot below.

cmd hacking, command prompt

nslookup - This is also a best command, it is also used mostly in hacking. With this cmd you can also find server address with any website's IP address.

STEP1; First, open the cmd prompt.

STEP2;Type nslookup google.com

STEP3; Now you can know the server address of any website from here.

cmd hacking2019, command prompt, hacking

With this cmd you can also know the IP address of any mail server.

STEP1; First, open the cmd prompt.

STEP2;  type nslookup and hit enter key.

STEP3;  and again type set type=mx and hit enter key.

STEP4;  Write the address of the mail server and press Enter key.

cmd hacking, command prompt, linux

ipconfig - With this command you can find network information on your system such as IP, DNS & More ..

STEP1;  First, open the command prompt.

STEP2;   Type ipconfig and hit enter key.

cmd hacking, command prompt, linux

ipconfig / all - If the IP address of the system is dynamic, you can also change it.
Again open the command prompt.
Now type ipconfig/release and hit enter key.

netuser - Friends, this is a very useful Command, you can change your computer password, it also without old password.

STEP1;  First, open the cmd prompt in Administrator Mode.

STEP2;  Now type net user user-name new-password and hit enterkey.

STEP3;  Now password of your computer will change.

cmd hacking, command prompt, linux

tracert - You can check the route of any website from this cmd.

STEP1;  First, open the command prompt.

STEP2;  Type tracert www.example.com and hit enterkey.

STEP3; Now you can find the Route of any website from here.

linux, cmd hacking, command prompt

route - it is also a best command to check your system's routing table, gateway, interface or more router detail.

STEP1; First, open the command prompt.

STEP2; Type route print and hit enterkey.

Now you can see all detail.

cmd hacking, command prompt, linux

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How to Hack Mobile Call from IMSI Catcher | Intercept mobile communications | Things You Should Know

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Hello friends once again welcome here in this advance hacking blog. where you get all the related information from hacking. Today, you are about to share full details about IMSI Catcher, with the help of which you will find out how hackers or police can tap anyone and listen to them. You've never heard of Man-in-the-middle attack in which a hacker or Attacker stole any User's ID or Password. Have you ever heard that man-in-the-middle attack can happen between the two caller, with the help of which the hacker can hear from anybody what the conversation is going on.
Along with that, he can tap the communication on the phone between any two people who are in a particular area. 
so Lets, start

Hack Mobile Call 2019, IMSI Catcher, call tapping


What Is IMSI Catcher

The full name of the IMSI-catcher is the international mobile subscriber identity-catcher, which is the unique number of mobile phone identification that can be identified by mobile as the IMEI number is mobile identification number of SIM.

IMS is a unique identifying number of 15 digits which is connected to all cellular networks and due to this IMS number, our phone connects to any tower and due to this IMS number, the location of the phone and the user of the phone Find information in
IMS number is distributed in three part the same way as you can see in the following image. MCC is aware of the user's country. MNC is aware of Mobile Network Code, such as what is the code of that network like Airtel, idea, jio, you have unique code and then comes. MSIN, which receives subscription information from mobile and finally comes in NMSI (national mobile subscriber identification ID)

Hack Mobile Call 2019, IMSI Catcher, call tapping

By using the IMSI number, Security Services, the intelligence agency can trace the mobile to anyone and know about their Live Location. Which user's phone is in the phone? Which network is connected to the tower and who is being called to call and whose call is received. All this can be done only by intelligence agencies or by using any black hat hacker IMSI number, by targeting any particular mobile and can tap their phone. Hackers can use the device called the IMSI Catcher for either the hacker or the hacker of all the phones that are available in that area.

How IMSI Catcher Device Works

To tap anyone's call, hackers or police connect the IMSI Catcher Device with a laptop, which can see the images of the Setup below, after which you can listen to anybody's call.
To understand the work of the IMSI Catcher Device, you have to understand the work of mobile phone. Like if you call someone from the mobile, how does he connect the front? As if you're calling anyone on your phone, at that time your mobile sees the closest Network Tower and connects to that network.

The IMSI Catcher Device takes advantage of this, such that if you use the IMSI Catcher Device, then this device rotates the phone of its area so that the phone feels like it is close to all of them which is a network, that is the device that will connect the phone to the IMSI Catcher Device and you will be connected to the nearest tower.

Hack Mobile Call 2019, IMSI Catcher, call tapping

Now whenever any targeted user will call someone, it will forward through the call IMSI Catcher Device, so that the user's phone will not even know if someone is taping his phone, similarly with the help of IMSI Catcher Device you can listen to anyone's call.

Who uses IMSI Catcher

IMSI catcher is used by the military, police force and Border Petroleum Unit so that you can trace target victim's call. The size of the IMSI Catcher used to be larger than before but after the Technology Update, IMSI Catcher is now also coming in the small size that you can tap any phone call on any drone.

Hack Mobile Call 2019, IMSI Catcher, call tapping

To listen to anybody's live call, you must have internet in the IMSI Catcher device, Kali linux, and Laptop. After which you can tap anyone on the network.
If you like this application, then use it and do not come, then remove it but once you use it, you can see it and share it with your friends too.

How to stay safe online 2019 | Online Security Tips You Need to Know

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If you are online on the internet, then you should worry about your online safety. Because the personal data of millions of users on the Internet is stolen every day and many people do not know how many accounts are hacked. So today we are telling you some important tips to stay safe online. So let's know.

online security 2019, stay safe online

The most secure is the need to keep the Google account because we use it most. Android mobile or any website and forum most people login only with a Google Account.


Some best way to stay safe online 2019

You can further strengthen your online security by following these tips.

Use strong password:

These are the most important tips for online safety, according to a Google survey, 65 percent of users use one more simple password for more than one account.
This enhances your security risk. It is exactly like using the same key to shut down your house, car and office, if someone finds that key, then he can compromise on all those things.
To end this danger, use a different password for each of your accounts, make sure that each password is difficult to guess and it should be at least 8-10 characters.
It may be difficult to keep track of many different passwords, so you can use Password Manager Tool for it.

Set up a recovery phone number or email address:

You will have a Google Account, but do you know that you need to add a recovery phone number or email address for security in it. So if ever your Google Account is closed you can forget its login password, then you can do this once by your recovery email address or phone number.
Also keep the recovery phone number and email address updated so that there will be no problem with the recovery of google account.

Keep software updated:

To keep the online activity safe, always use the latest version of all the software. There are many people who make this mistake and do not update software for several months.
If you are using the operating system below, here you can learn to check and update the software on your system.
If you use Chrome browser, some of its software will be automatically updated, so you don’t worry about it but for the full update, you have to manually update it.

Enable / Activate Two Factor Authentication:

Two factor authentication (2FA), also known as 2 step verification. By setting this up, you greatly reduce the chance of access to the person who has unauthorized access to your account.
If you have come to know about it for the first time, then I would advise you to enable / activate it now. This will require you to verify the OTP Password when someone tries to login to your account. And the OTP password comes only on your mobile number so no one will be able to login to your account without your permission.

Get Google Security Check up:

To increase the security of Google Account, it provides a security check service that allows you to perform a security check up of your Google Account, it only takes 2 minutes.
This lets you know if your account is safe and if not, then what you have to do to secure it. Also, you can remove third party websites and apps, which have the ability to reach your uninsured.
For more information, you can find online safety tips by visiting Google's Safety Center website. Thank you for reading this post.
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Google+ Shutting Down | Why Google+ Died | Things You Should Know

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Google has announced the closure of the social network google + on its official blog. Google + for the consumer has ended.
In this post, we will know why the closed google + is due to turn off? A Spokesman from Google said that there were so many challenges in creating and managing "Google +". It was designed by the Accordion of Customer Expectations, but it was used less. This is the main reason for having a Google + shutdown.

Google+ Shutting Down, Why Google+ Died

There are many more reasons for getting Google + closer, about whom we will talk about.


Why Google+ Died

Google has made an announcement to offset the Google + service on its official blog. If you want to know why google + is closed, then this is the reason.

Confusing Circles

Many people find Google + Circle Confusing. Its features are very complex and there is a problem in connecting with friends and family members. The user does not know in his own circle how many members are there in his circle?

Boring Design

Google + is a social media site, but it does not look like its design. This is very boring, which is not for the user. He also has a boring feel after some time. There was no interest in Facebook and Twitter. Many users leave it to Google's design. user is boring due to the old design.
Also, its features are such that newbie does not understand.

Fail to Compete with Facebook

Google created Google + to compete with social media Facebook, but Google + could not be sucessed.
When Google + was launched it did not have any clear plan. There was no big mission to fight with Facebook. Google Employees felt that they could compete with the social networking site that is popular with the last year.

Bad Mobile Experience

Where Facebook and Twitter offer the Clear and Net Mobile Browsing Experience, the same mobile version of Google+ was very different. Google+ did not have the interface to compete with Facebook, Twitter, and very few users took interest in it.

Failed to Offer Something New

Facebook and Twitter are time to time offering some new offers to their visitors. Design, offers, features, new features, security, bugs etc. Update keeps coming.
This increases the user's Believe and he likes the site more, but it was not so with Google+. No updates, no features change, hard features, and no change in them for a long time.

Failed to Install an Established Network

Facebook is at the top of social media if Google had to launch a Google + by understanding its strategy but Google failed it. To compete with Facebook, it was necessary to create an established network that Google could not do and consequently Google + failed.

Not to Many Users

Google+ is lagging behind Facebook and Twitter. Very few people use it. In the beginning, the user used to show interest in it, but no longer.
Google had told in its official blog post that there is a bug in Google+, due to which data is being leaked to hers, which is why Google is shutting it down.

At last, Google+ turn off is due to the mistake Google has made.
If Google works as a brand like Facebook, Twitter, then you were ahead of them but Google could not do it and now it failed.