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[Hacker VS Programmer] What is the difference between hacker and programmer | who is best ?

Today's post we are talking about who is the programmer? Who is the developer? Who is a Computer Scientist? And who is the hacker? Do not have so many experts in the world of tech. People do not have knowledge in depth. In this post I'm not going to go through more 
depth. These posts are for common people who do not have much knowledge of Tech. 
Let's start 

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Who is Computer Scientist:

First of all we will talk about computer scientist. A computer scientist is a person who uses about different computers language. Whatever the bits(Binary) of computer up to, Software hardware keeps information about all things very well. Understanding Algorithms, Handling Data Structure. A computer scientist is as much a mathematician as they are a technologist. Their mathematics is very good, as the mathematics should come in to solve the problem. Those who are computer scientists are at the top. They do not care much in the industry, because all their attention is in solving big problems. These people are the ones who make new computer languages.
"Computers are magnificent tools for the realization of our dreams, but no machine can replace the human spark of spirit, compassion, love, and understanding."                                                               -Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.

 Who is Programmer :

Friends now talk about programmers, these are slightly different from computer scientist. I am not judge anybody's profession here. This whole industry has the value of every person .
The programmer is the person who reads the language made and has information about most of the languages and creates computer software. The term computer programmer can refer to a specialist in one area of computers or to a generalist who writes code for many kinds of software.
They need to know of good (best) solutions to problems, but they don't need to prove it is the best solution. A good breadth of algorithmic knowledge is imperative. They have a depth of skill in a wide area of expertise and have reasonably good knowledge of related areas as well.
"A good programmer is someone who always looks both ways before crossing a one-way street."                                                                               -Doug Linder

Who is developer :

Developers understand the language made and this is the master of any particular language. Such as a software developer is an individual that may create a new software program or maintain an existing software program. A web developer is an individual that creates or updates web pages, utilizing HTML, Javascript, or other web programming languages.
 They are expert at finding ways around problems and plugging components together to fulfill a set of requirements. In their personal time they are either trying to build the next Facebook, or engage in activities that have nothing to do with programming, developing, or computer science.
"Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live  "                                   -Martin Golding 

 Who is hacker :

Hacker works in an emergency case. Hacker is a person who has a little bit of information about all computer languages. He searches the bugs in any way. Computer hackers are very expert people. Most of the hackers never go through a regular study.
A hacker utilizes alternative system access methods to sabotage computer systems and networks. Hackers find bugs of newer software, they find it.

When it comes to developer and programmer, they have big problems. It means these people are about same level. And whoever is a hacker comes with his own knowledge, because he does not have any fixed syllabus. 

Who is the most afraid of a hacker? 
Because the developer is aware of a one particular language, its fix scope, he works on the same scope.

Many hackers seek out and download code written by other people. There are thousands of different programs hackers use to explore computers and networks. These programs give hackers a lot of power over innocent users and organizations once a skilled hacker knows how a system works, he can design programs that exploit it.

Out in the field, any connection with home just makes you weaker. It reminds you that you were once civilized, soft; and that can get you killed faster than a bullet through the head.”                              ― Henry Mosquera, Sleeper’s Run
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Wednesday, 5 September 2018

[Whatsapp Crash 2018] How to Crash someone's Whatsapp or Whatsapp Group | Hang anyone's whatsapp

Hello friends, welcome to the blog, in today's post, we will know "How to Crash Anyone Whatsapp or Whatsapp Group", you may have obtained this information from any other blog, but we are guaranty With that you say that you have got the information of Whatsapp crash from where you would have just mentioned whatsapp bomber.

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There is no whatapp crashes on this whatsapp bomber. It simply sends a specific message of you in single message again -and -Again and send it to the front. Why send a message to a victim in this way why it will crash its whatsapp why you are sending a big message hence? So why do you type the same message repeatedly with the help of whatsapp bomber and it will crash its Whatsapp just once by sending it. So no friends will not have anything from whatsapp bomber why when you send a specific message by typing a victim, this message will only run once in Victim's mobile. He will get a notification that once someone has sent him some message and when he will read many messages of you, he will do 2 things at that time. He will either laugh or you will delete the message then someone said whatsapp crash Happened.

Now it comes to how do you crash whatsapp If we want to crash anyone's whatsapp or all member of a whatsapp group to Whatsapp, then we have to flud here. Where the same message will go to one of the victims of Victim mobile, which has 80% of the chances where the victim's Whatsapp is crashing or its mobile hang, it is a effective way. Anything in the mobile of the victim will effect if something happens then how do you crash anybody's Whatsapp or Whatsapp Group?

So friends are a very interesting trick which only you can use for knowledge. Do not do anybody to test.

How to crash friend's whatsapp or whatsapp group?

STEP1: First of all Download and install the Android application named “Labalabi”  [This application is not available on google play store]


STEP2: Open the app after the app is installed, where you will see all the Whatsapp numbers saved in the mobile. Now select the contact number of the person who has to crash whatsapp from here.

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STEP3: As soon as you select a contact number, you will ask for a term and condition accept in the next screen as well as accept it.

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STEP4: In Term and Condition Accept, the interface of the application will open in front of you, which is very easy to use. There are some options in the application that you can crash victim's Whastapp.

  • Message Box: If you want to send message to the victim, type it if the length of the message is large then it will be fun.
  • Pick Contact: From here you can add any particular contact to your contact number.
  • Group or Broadcast send: If you want to attack someone on Whatsapp Group or Broadcast, you can select that group or Broadcast here.
  • Message count: How often do you want to send a message to Victim in the back to back form, set its count number here [from here you can take one to 100,000 messages and send victim one behind one at the same time]
  • Blank Message: By using this option you can also send a blank message to the victim.
  • Flip message convert: If you want to send a little bit of message to the victim, then check this button which will flip through your message.
  • Font: From here you can select the font of your message.
STEP5:  Finally, click on the Send button. 

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Now what will happen if the victim's mobile ring is on the profile then whatsapp notification will ring and if we send one 1000 messages one behind it then its mobile will ring 1000 times. If her mobile is on vibrate, her mobile will vibrate 1000 times and the message will continue on her Whatsapp. As long as he closes the mobile data, his Whatsapp will be crashing or his mobile will be hanging.

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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Latest Android tips and tricks 2018 | Top hidden tricks you didn't know your Android phone

Hello friends, First of all, let me tell you for information that "Android" is an "Operating System" which is necessary to run a Smartphone. This does not mean that there are more operating systems than Android mobile without running, which is helpful in running a Smartphone, some examples are Windows and Apple. Let me tell you that the Android operating system is created by "Google" and it is the most used operating system. If you are using Andorid phone then you must have some information related to it.

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Today, we will learn about Android's latest tips and tricks which are very cool, maybe you know some of these tricks but there are some other Android tips which you might not know, let's know on android Tips and Tricks-


Get full information about your android phone:

Many times we need complete information about Android phones If you also want full information about an Android phone like - how long used which application to use, information about WiFi, full information about the phone, and many more information. So I'm going to tell you a simple way with the help of which you can easily get the full information –

STEP1; First you have to open your phone's dial pad.

STEP2; After that you have to type * # * # 4636 # * # *

STEP3; After this, according to your smartphone, you will find many options like - phone information, battery information, usage statistics, wifi information etc.

STEP4; Now you can easily get information by clicking on option.

Google Chrome search bar tricks:

Nowadays many smartphones have big sizes, and sometimes there is a need to use both hands when there is a search in Chrome browser. In general Chrome's search bar is above, if the search bar is down, then we can easily search from one hand to a larger smartphone. Now let us know how to bring down the search bar in the Chrome browser –

STEP1; First of all you have to open the Chrome browser on your smartphone.

STEP2; Now to type in the search bar - "Chrome: // flags" is to search again.

STEP3; You will have lots of options in front of you, now you have to click on the 3 dot option and select "find in page" option.

STEP4; Now you have to search the "Chrome home" option in front of you Chrome Home will be defaulted to it, click on it to select Default and select Enable.

STEP5; The search bar of your Chrome browser will come down.

Format Android phone(All things delete):

We sometimes have to face such times when we have to format our Android phone. There may be many reasons for this, maybe you want to get rid of the unnecessary stuff in your phone or even format your Android phone even after selling it to someone else. Well you can do this by simply going to Settings, but I'm going to tell you some code so that you will be able to do this easily. You can format your Android phone in two ways.
Note:- Dial this code in your Android phone only when you actually want to format your phone. If you dial to check it, all the data on your phone will be deleted.
 METHOD1 : Factory Reset

Formatting this way will delete all the apps and settings on your phone, but internal and external storage will be safe.

STEP1; Dial this phone to Factory Reset.  Code * # * # 7780 # * # *

METHOD2: Hard Reset

Formatting this way will delete all the things on your phone, including internal and external storage, that means your Android phone will be brand new.

STEP1; Dial your Android phone to Hard Reset. * Code * 2767 * 3855 #

Fast Screenshot:

Take the Screenshots, all you have to do, when you do the Notification Bar, you see the option of the screenshot, but through the way I am here, you can take a screenshot in 1 second.

STEP1; Press Power key + Volume down buttons together for this.
After that, the screenshot of your screen will be saved in Gallery, this is the fastest way to take Screenshot.

Finger print scanner trick:

Nowadays, in most of the smartphones you get to see fingerprint sensors, fingerprint scanners are considered very secure for any smartphone. When we are at home, our brother or sister open the lock by forcibly touching the finger or when we are asleep, then touch the finger quietly even open the lock easily. If something similar happens to you, then you should use the following tricks –

STEP1; First of all, you have to download the application called Disable Fingerprint from the Play Store.

DOWNLOAD Disable Fingerprint
STEP2; You have to allow all permissions.

STEP3; Now you can easily turn off / disable finger print scanner with the help of this application.

STEP4; After you disable, you can unlock your smartphone with the help of your phone's pattern lock or pin lock.

Use any App without installing on android phone:

Whenever we have to download any Android application we use Play Store. On the Play Store, you find many applications that are all different sizes. There are many applications that are of very large size. Normally we can use the application only after downloading the application from the Play Store. But if you want to see that application before downloading it then you can use the given Android tips tricks.
NOTE: You can use this tip only in the latest Android version.
STEP1; First of all you have to update all Google applications (Google Play Service, Chrome, Google).

STEP2; After this you have to go to Google Settings in your smartphone.

STEP3; After going to Google Settings, you will see the option of Instant Apps. You have to turn it on.

STEP4; As soon as you turn on, two options will come in front of you "NO THANKS" and "YES I'AM IN", you have to click on the YES IAM IN option.
if you download the application from the Play Store, you will also see the Try Now option along with the installation option.

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[Instagram Tricks 2018] How to increase real Instagram Followers | Get Free Instagram Followers

Hello guys, Today I'm here to tell the tricks to Boost Instagram Follower,  Real Follower with the help of this and also increases popularity on Instagram. Social media has become the cheapest way to connect with the world and society, On Facebook, we can make a friend list but it is difficult to increase the followers on Instagram.

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Benefits of increasing followers on Instagram: 

Increasing your followers on Instagram can benefit your business and the information from your brand logo to social media Instagram can also be reached free if you do business then we have given tips for you Instagram followers, through whom you can Surely the followers will grow in 1-2 weeks if you adopt Instagram follow tips given by me -

Now the tricks I'm about to tell you it is not a software or tool. This is all Instagram's Official Tips by which the real follower can be extended and always follow these tips.

Optimize Instagram Account:
Instagram Follower is the first step to grow, optimizing Instagram Account i.e. After setting up Profile, set up Profile in Proper manner, such as Profile Picture, Instagram Bio and linking your website, Channel or any other account together. needed.
Because when someone opens your Instagram account, first it looks Profile Picture and Bio, so it is very important to optimize Profile Picture and Bio.

Consistent Posting:
Not only Instagram, Daily Post is very important to increase the Follower on any Social Media Profile, and it also has to be careful about what time post is to Post with. According to me, if posted on Instagram on 8 am and 5 pm, you can get maximum engagement and get more Likes and Comments on post.

Creative Hashtagging:
What is the importance of "#"  Hashtag on Internet, whenever we put #tag with a Word. So that Word becomes a Keyword and when you post a Video or Image on Instagram, use many Creative Hashtags so that your post can reach more people as it is the best way to grow Instagram Follower.

Like & Comment:
Whenever we like Like or Comment on Instagram or any other social networking website. So it shows our Activeness and Instagram makes it possible to reach more and more people. To boost Instagram Follower, please post another post like with # tag.

Local Location:
Instagram Follower is the 5th most important tips for growing, whenever you post on Instagram, set the location, Instagram sends its post to all the active instagram users of that location and increases likes and Engagement very fast and The follower is the most likely to grow.

Trend & Viral:
If you want to Boost Instagram Follower Rapidally, then Comment, Like & Post on all such topics which are in Trend and be Viral, because what is Viral on the Internet comes most in search and all Social Media & Search Engine Most of the topics related to Topic give preority to the first post. In this way, when you are posting related to Viral & trending topic, there is a possibility of growing the real follower of your account.

How to increase Instagram followers by creating a Fake Profile?

This trick is very interesting so that you can easily create Instagram and Real and Active followers and for that you do not have to use any tool or third party app, you just have to create an Instagram account.

STEP1 : Create New Fake Account
First of all, create a feck account on Instagram and the name of the account should be of any famous celebrity. And fill out his profile about completely and upload 5 -6 interesting images.

STEP2: Follow Active Users 
Now you have to create active followers, then go to the official Instagram profile of the same celebrity. And follow the latest update image that has been liked. Follow the limit so that your account will not be blocked.

STEP3: Wait For Follow Back
Now the next steps will be for you to wait some time so that 75% of the people you have followed will definitely get you back. If you follow 1,000 active profiles then 800 users will follow you back.

STEP4: Unfollow All At Once
Now you have to unfollow what you have followed. For this, I will tell in the next post With which all instagram followers can be unfollwed with a single click.

STEP5: Change Account Name
Do this trick for a few days when your follower are increasing, then you should change your profile name yourself so that your real name will be unlimited followers at the account.

In this way, you can increase the Daily 1000 Instagram Followers, for which you have no risk, this trick is very simple, which I have devided in different steps and explain.

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