Hello friends, welcome to the blog, today's post, we will know "How to Crash Anyone Whatsapp or Whatsapp Group", you may have obtained this information from any other blog, but we are guaranty With that you say that you have got the information of Whatsapp crash from where you would have just mentioned WhatsApp bomber.

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[Whatsapp Crash 2021] How to Crash someone's Whatsapp or Whatsapp Group | Hang anyone's whatsapp

There is no WhatsApp crashes on this WhatsApp bomber. It simply sends a specific message of you in a single message again -and -again and sends it to the front. Why send a message to a victim in this way why it will crash its WhatsApp why you are sending a big message hence? 

So why do you type the same message repeatedly with the help of a WhatsApp bomber and it will crash its Whatsapp just once by sending it.

So no friends will not have anything from WhatsApp bomber why when you send a specific message by typing a victim, this message will only run once in Victim's mobile. 

He will get a notification that once someone has sent him some message and when he will read many messages of you, he will do 2 things at that time. He will either laugh or you will delete the message then someone said WhatsApp crash Happened.

Now it comes to how do you crash WhatsApp If we want to crash anyone's WhatsApp or all members of a WhatsApp group to Whatsapp, then we have to flud here. 

Where the same message will go to one of the victims of Victim mobile, which has 80% of the chances where the victim's Whatsapp is crashing or its mobile hang, it is an effective way. 

Anything in the mobile of the victim will affect if something happens then how do you crash anybody's Whatsapp or Whatsapp Group?

Warning:  So friends are a very interesting trick which only you can use for knowledge. Do not do anybody to test.



How to crash friend's whatsapp or whatsapp group?

Now, here are some steps that you can easily "crash friend's WhatsApp", Step by step follow me-

STEP1: First of all, Download and install the Android application named “Labalabi”  [This application is not available on google play store]


STEP2: Now, Open the app after the app is installed, where you will see all the Whatsapp numbers saved on the mobile. Now select the contact number of the person who has to crash WhatsApp from here.

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STEP3: As soon as you select a contact number, you will ask for a term and condition accept in the next screen as well as accept it.

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STEP4: In Term and Condition Accept, the interface of the application will open in front of you, which is very easy to use. There are some options in the application that you can crash victim's Whastapp.

  • Message Box: If you want to send a message to the victim, type it if the length of the message is large then it will be fun.
  • Pick Contact: From here you can add any particular contact to your contact number.
  • Group or Broadcast send: If you want to attack someone on Whatsapp Group or Broadcast, you can select that group or Broadcast here.
  • Message count: How often do you want to send a message to Victim in the back to back form, set its count number here [from here you can take one to 100,000 messages and send victim one behind one at the same time]
  • Blank Message: By using this option you can also send a blank message to the victim.
  • Flip message convert: If you want to send a little bit of message to the victim, then check this button which will flip through your message.
  • Font: From here you can select the font of your message.
STEP5:  Finally, click on the Send button. 

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Now what will happen if the victim's mobile ring is on the profile then WhatsApp notification will ring and if we send one 1000 messages one behind it then its mobile will ring 1000 times. 

If her mobile is on vibrate, her mobile will vibrate 1000 times and the message will continue on her Whatsapp. As long as he closes the mobile data, his Whatsapp will be crashing or his mobile will be hanging.

So, friends, in this way you can easily "crash friend's WhatsApp". Now,  this is the end of the article, if you like this post please share it with your friends. If you face some problem in any steps please drop your email by going to the contact us section of this site. I hope you're enjoying my articles.
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