Hey Guys, and welcome back to another post, so in this post, I am going to show you Top 5 Free, and Secure VPN Apps for Android in 2022

So, let's say a website has been blocked by your ISP, or you just want to hide your online activities while you are browsing the Internet. Well in such cases, you can use a VPN service, and about VPN service. The fact that a paid VPN is always secured then using a free VPN, but having said that a free VPN can be used in so many scenarios, where you just want to like bypass a limitation or you.

Top 5 Free, and Secure VPN Apps for Android in 2020

You don't want to use so much data every day, and in such cases here are the Top five VPN apps that you can use on your Android, which are free as well as secure. So, Let's get started-


List of Top 5 Free, and Secure VPN Apps for Android - 2021

Now, here are list of op 5 FREE & SECURE Android VPN Apps-

1. ProtonVPN - Free VPN, Secure & Unlimited

So, the first step in the list is proton VPN which although it is the best pay VPN out there, also happens to offer a lot of features for free. Now, you still need to create an account to use this particular app, and the limitation is that you only get to use a single device per email account.

ProtonVPN - Free VPN, Secure & Unlimited | Top 5 Free, and Secure VPN Apps for Android in 2020

However, you do not get any limitation in terms of data or capping on the amount of data. the main reason, why proton VPN gets to be on the top is because of its security, yes!
The paid version gets you more secure features, but you still get 256-bit encryption, and DNS leak prevention, which is great for the free version.

Download ProtonVPN

2. TunnelBear: Virtual Private Network & WiFi Proxy

Now, the next one in the list is tunnel bear, and it's a name that, I am sure that most of you would have heard about. Now, unlike proton VPN you only get 500 MB of data per month that, said a simple tweet to the company when counted will give, you an additional GB of data per month.

TunnelBear: Virtual Private Network & WiFi Proxy | Top 5 Free, and Secure VPN Apps for Android in 2020

Tunnel bear also gives you access to 24 different location servers in the app itself.
Now, this particular app also gives you a feature called ghost bear, which is basically a feature that hides the fact that you are using a VPN from your ISP, or your government.

Now, just note that the feature ghost bear can result in super slow speeds, so you can only use it,
when it's absolutely necessary.

Download Tunnel bear

3. Hotspot Shield: Free VPN Proxy & Secure VPN

Now, another one for the best VPN app for Android is got to be hotspot Shield. Now, it's a good service, but you get a lot of limitations here for the free version, and the biggest one being that your
location is restricted to the US service only.

Hotspot Shield: Free VPN Proxy & Secure VPN |Top 5 Free, and Secure VPN Apps for Android in 2020

You just get 750 MB of data however, that 750 MB of data is per day, and not per month also under a free plan.

You get to enjoy a military level based encryption system, add to the fact that even under a free plan, you can use up to five devices which is great. So, if you have VPN restriction is limited to around 750 MB of data per day, and you don't mind using a US server all the time then this can be a free VPN.

Download Hotspot Shield 

4. VPN Free - Betternet Hotspot VPN & Private Browser

Now, you can use the next VPN that we have got for you. It is Betternet which has cute interface making, it super easy to use.

VPN Free - Betternet Hotspot VPN & Private Browser | Top 5 Free, and Secure VPN Apps for Android in 2020

Now, you can think of patent it as a simplified version of hotspot sheep, and it actually makes sense because well the developers of both the apps are same. The idea here is to offer a simple interface with a simple on/off toggle, and an option to choose from among the available destination servers.

The advantage is that you have unlimited data to use even for a free version, but then this is a downside that, it doesn't meet the security encryption protocol, that you get on the hotspot shield.

Basically, if you want a VPN without any limits then this is a go-to choice for you, that said we will advise you not to share any personal data while you are connected to it.

Download  Betternet

5. hide.me VPN

Now, finally, the last VPN app on the list is hide.me and it has been around for a long time. Now, but still is one of the best free VPNs out there.

hide.me VPN | Top 5 Free, and Secure VPN Apps for Android in 2020

Now, if you ask me it's probably one of the most secure VPN is well, and encrypting your data with protocols like IKV2, and Open VPN.

Now, you only get 2 GB per month for the free version. Now, hide.me doesn't offer ads even in the free version, and one of the basic like one of the highlighted features for a free version would be split tunneling.

Download hideme

Now, what it does it allows you to create, VPN for some apps, services, and others can use the internet without the VPN restriction.

So, Guys those were the top 5 free and secure VPN services that, you can use on your Android, and I know there are a lot of free VPN apps out there available on the play store, but the reason that we don't recommend every one of them is because of the fact that VPN is one of the easiest ways that, somebody can access your private data.

Now, as I've already mentioned you can you should go for paid VPN plans but if your usage is not that much you can always trust these five apps to help you.


So, This is the list Top 5 Free, and Secure VPN Apps for Android in 2020! which can not only keep you anonymous on the internet but at the same time are free and secure. Now stay in touch with your loved ones without any interruption. So, friends, this is the end of the article, If you liked this post, please do not forget to share it.
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